Julius Mayer

Researching self-organization, emergence, and complexity in a multi-agent system through microcosm simulation. Ph.D. candidate at the Computational Cognition research training group in Osnabrück, Germany.

What I Do

Reinforcement Learning

This is my topic of passion and where I have the most expertise. Working as a machine learning engineer in research and development of different fields such as robotics, autonomous driving and biometrics has been a great experience that I'm building on.

Cognitive Science

I have worked and studied in the fields of Cognitive Science and Intelligent Adaptive Systems. I am glad to be part of this interdisciplinary and passionate research community.


Currently, I'm doing research on simulating microcosms, where I analyze the system properties of self-organization, emergence, and complexity for a multi-agent system. The simulation is done in Unity and updates about the project's progress can soon be found here.


In my free time I enjoy cooking and board game nights with my friends, playing Starcraft 2, and training for triathlon. I'm also learning to speak Russian and sometimes I like drawing illustrations in Photoshop and playing the Ukulele.